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Will SnagCall work on my cell phone?

Don’t sweat it. Since SnagCall doesn’t require any special software or downloads, it works on ANY cell phone on most carriers. So we’ve got you covered.


Which carriers does SnagCall support?
SnagCall currently supports AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, US Cellular, and MetroPCS in the US.snagcall
See, we’ve got you covered, bro!

Do you have plans to support my carrier in the future?

We are working on expanding our US coverage for new carriers in the near future. Unfortunately, we cannot speculate on a given time frame. Please continue to check back for any new updates in the near future. Additionally, you can follow us on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook to receive the latest news updates instantly.


Does SnagCall work on landlines?

Sorry, SnagCall only supports cell phones at this time.

Can you unmask a blocked call I received before I signed up for SnagCall?

SnagCall cannot unmask calls that you have previously received before signing up. You must be signed up for SnagCall, and have your phone successfully programmed, before you can begin unmasking blocked calls.

How does conditional call forwarding work?

Conditional call forwarding works by forwarding all your unanswered, busy and rejected calls to a number that you program your phone to forward to. When signing up for SnagCall, you program your conditional call forwarding to send all these calls to SnagCall for unmasking and to take advantage of our additional features, such as call recording. This also means all your calls go through SnagCall before being sent to your carrier’s voicemail or SnagCall’s voicemail, depending on SnagCall’s compatibility with your carrier’s voicemail.

Does SnagCall support Alaska and Hawaii?

Yes, SnagCall now supports Alaska and Hawaii as of January 2015!


Is SnagCall a scam?

We assure you that is NOT a scam. We really can unmask those pesky blocked calls for you! Still don’t believe us? Head over to our Media page where you can read articles about SnagCall, written by some of the worlds largest independent news organizations, like The New York Times, The Washington Post, Wired Magazine, ABC and more.



I got a blocked call! Why didn’t SnagCall unblock the number?

When you first receive a call, you must reject or ignore the call. At this point the call is sent to SnagCall for unblocking and then sent back to ring your phone with the number unblocked. Incoming calls are not immediately unblocked without first being sent to SnagCall.


Can SnagCall unmask “No Caller ID” calls on my iPhone?

Yes, SnagCall can reveal the number behind calls that come up as “No Caller ID” on the iPhone. “No Caller ID” calls on iOS 7 are the same as “Blocked” calls on iOS 6 and earlier. There is a Caller ID associated with “No Caller ID” calls, Apple just doesn’t want to show it to you!


I got a call from an “Unknown” number but it came back as (999) 999-9999. What happened?

“Unknown” numbers are actually different than “Blocked” and “Restricted” numbers! “Blocked” and “Restricted” calls typically indicate that the person wishes to hide their Caller ID, while “Unknown” calls typically indicate that the telephone company may be having a problem with the Caller ID number. “Unknown” calls typically come from VoIP lines and international callers where the number may not be in the proper 10 digit format.


How do I access my voicemail hosted by SnagCall?

The voicemail access number for voicemail hosted by SnagCall is (509) 554-5555.


Is it legal for me to record all my SnagCall calls?

Not necessarily. You may violate the law of the state in which you are located or the person calling you is located by recording a telephone conversation without informing the caller. Before recording any calls, you should check the laws of your state to determine if you need the caller’s permission to record a call. Even if your state only requires the permission of one party to record a call, you may commit a crime by recording a call you receive from a caller located in a state that requires the permission of both parties to record a call. SnagCall has set its services up so that when you activate the automatic call recording feature, each caller hears a message before the call is answered informing them that the call will be recorded and telling them to hang up if they do not want the call to be recorded. You have the ability to override the default and choose not to have the warning message played to callers. However, we recommend strongly that you not choose this option, as failure to provide such notice may leave you open to criminal liability in a dozen or more states.

How do I record my incoming calls with SnagCall?

To enable call recording for your incoming calls please log in to your SnagCall account online and click the Phone Settings tab where you will see the Recording Settings link. On this Recordings Settings page you can enable or disable call recording.

Do I have to reject the call first to enable call recording?

Yes, once you’ve enabled call recording you MUST first reject the call before it’s recorded, as it needs to be sent to SnagCall’s servers.


How does the Voicemail Transcription service work?

Voicemail transcriptions convert the voicemail messages you receive from speech to text so you can read your voicemails, allowing you to better manage, organize, and prioritize your messages. Voicemail transcriptions can be delivered either as text messages or emails. uses its own voicemail speech-to-text systems to record and transcribe your voicemails to text.

I got a call from a number I blacklisted. Why didn’t SnagCall block the number?

You must first reject or ignore the call, even if it is not blocked. At this point the call is sent to SnagCall and the caller will hear the “Number Disconnected” recording message.


Caller ID Name and Address

Why don’t I always receive the billing address of an unmasked number?

If you have SnagCall’s Ultimate or Premium package, and you are not receiving a billing address along with the Caller ID Name, it is because this information is not available in any public databases. We regularly update our databases to receive the latest information as it becomes available.


How do I unprogram my phone to disable SnagCall?

If you are an AT&T or a T-Mobile customer, just dial ##004# and then press send.


If you are a Verizon customer, dial *73 and then press send.


If you are a Sprint customer, dial *38 and then press send.


This resets your phone to its original settings. Additionally, you can find these instructions online in your account under the Need Help? link once you’ve logged in. Please note that this alone does not cancel your account with SnagCall. If you wish to completely cancel your account with SnagCall, you must do so by logging in to the SnagCall website and visiting the Cancel Subscription page.


How do I reject calls on the iPhone?

Hit the power button twice. It will then immediately reject the call, sending it to our servers for unmasking, and then back to your phone with the unblocked number.


I signed up for SnagCall but it doesn’t seem to be programmed properly. What should I do?

Please log in to your SnagCall account and click on the Having Trouble? Activation Instructions button. On the Activation Instructions page, please follow the programming steps again, verifying that you have entered the correct information on the site and on your phone.


If you are still experiencing problems after reprogramming, please Contact Support.


I have T-Mobile and I can’t get SnagCall programmed. What should I do?
Please note if you are a FlexPay, Prepaid, or Family Plan T-mobile subscriber, T-mobile does not allow customers on these plans to enable conditional call forwarding which is required to use SnagCall. Unfortunately this is a limitation that T-mobile imposes on subscribers who are on these type of plans, and we apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused you.
If you happen to have a T-Mobile G1 you will need to follow these special instructions:1. Go To Settings2. Select Call Forwarding3. Select Forward when Busy, Unanswered, and Unreachable. For each one you will need to type in +12062992100 as the forwarding number.

4. Save


If you still can’t get it to work and you are not on a plan that bars conditional call forwarding you will need to call T-Mobile customer support at 1-800-937-8997 from a phone other than your cell phone. A customer service rep can walk you through the activation process for conditional call forwarding. Our number that you’ll want to forward your calls to is 1-206-299-2100. If your phone does not support manual activations, a T-Mobile representative needs to manually modify your account on their end.


I got a new phone and now SnagCall doesn’t work. What happened?

If you received a new phone, or removed your SIM card, SnagCall must be reprogrammed. Please log in to your SnagCall account and click on the Having Trouble? Activation Instructions button. On the Activation Instructions page, please follow the programming steps again, verifying that you have entered the correct information on the site and on your phone.


Does SnagCall use my cell phone’s minutes?

Yes, when you ignore a call, invoking the conditional call forwarding, you will be using your standard airtime minutes by sending the call back to SnagCall. When you answer the call sent back to you, because you are using two features simultaneously, you will be using double your minutes for the duration of the call. This scenario applies when you reject a call and then answer it when it is sent back and when the call goes to voicemail.


I have a Motorola Atrix or a MyTouch 4G Android phone and can’t seem to program SnagCall. What should I do?

If you have a Motorola Atrix or a T-Mobile MyTouch Android phone, you may be unable to program SnagCall automatically by dialing our activation code or using our Android app to activate.


However, you can program your phone manually through the Android Settings menu.


On your Android phone, please go to: Settings > Call Settings > Call Forwarding.

Now, under Call Forwarding menu, please change “Forward If Busy”, “Forward If Unanswered” and “Forward If Unreachable” to the following phone number: 12062992100.


Your Android phone should now manually be programmed to send unanswered, busy and rejected calls to SnagCall’s servers for unmasking, recording and blacklisting!


I can’t get SnagCall programmed on my cell phone. What should I do?
You will need to call your carrier’s customer support from a phone other than your cell phone. A customer service rep can walk you through the activation process for conditional call forwarding. Our
number that you’ll want to forward your calls to is 1-206-299-2100. If your phone does not support manual activation, a carrier representative will need to manually modify your account on their end.Customer support numbers:T-Mobile: 1-800-937-8997AT&T: 1-800-331-0500Sprint: 1-800-639-6111

I’ve changed my phone number, but I want to continue using SnagCall. What do I do?

You can change the phone number tied to your account by logging in with the old number and editing the phone number on the My Phones page.


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